RELI 1006: Religions of the World

Your Assignment (Library Project)

For the library project assignment, you will need to:

  • Find two periodical articles in journals physically or electronically held by our library (not simply on the web) using the ATLA-Religion index (one dealing with either Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; and one for any one of the other religions noted below);
  • Find one encyclopedia article for each of the religions covered in class: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and either Australian Aboriginal or Native American religion, using the online or print Encyclopedia of Religion.

You will take at least one sentence from each of these articles that interested you and, after quoting that sentence (or those sentences) write one-half page about it. In total, you will be handing in five pages.  At the top of your page for each of the two articles found through the ATLA index, give the proper bibliographic citation for the article using MLA, Turabian, or Chicago style.  If you use the print edition of the ATLA index, note at the top of your page the category in the index in which your article was locate. If you use the online version of the ATLA index and if you can find the ATLA Accession Number, note it at the top of your page. You do not hand in the articles themselves, just your own writing about them.

Finding Articles

Use the following sources to locate your articles:

ATLA Religion Index
Index to articles, book reviews, and essays in religion and theology, from 1949 to the present.  Tips for using ATLA:

  • Browse lecture notes and class readings to identify keywords that you can use to search for articles; combine keywords with 'AND', for example:
     - Islam AND gender
     - soul AND immortality AND Christianity
     - Buddhism AND meditation
  • Click on an article of interest in your results list to see the full record in ATLA.  From this page you can get the Accession Number as well as the full citation for the article in MLA, Turabian, or Chicago style (use the 'Cite' button to the right of the page under 'Tools').

Encyclopaedia of Religion (print, Main Library Reference Room, or ebook)
Considered the standard, scholarly encyclopedia for the study of religion and religious beliefs worldwide.  Print version available in the Main Library Reference Room, Call Number: Main Ref BL31 .E46 2005.  If using the online ebook:

  • Click the link to the online eTable of Contents and/or eBook index to browse for articles / topics of interest
  • When you use the eTable of Contents, you must select the volume that you want to search first.  This is the virtual version of picking a volume from the shelf, and lets you browse through, seeing everything in alphabetical order.

To access ATLA and Encyclopedia of Religion (ebook) from off campus, you will need the GALILEO password. To get the password, log into your library account.  Enter your barcode, last name and PIN and click 'Login' to get into your account. (If you do not know your PIN number, you must fill in your barcode and last name and click on 'Get PIN'. The PIN number will be emailed to you at the UGA email address we have on file for you.)  When you are in your account, you will see the GALILEO password.

Citing Sources

For this assignment, you are required to use either the MLA, Turabian, or Chicago style.  The UGA Library keeps Citation Style Guide web pages with examples of how to cite the most common types of resources using the most common styles (including those recommended for this project).

We also have site licenses for software that can help you manage your references.  Try RefWorks if you want a web-based solution for managing bibliographies, and EndNote if you need more sophisticated options but don't mind always using the same computer.

Research Help

  • Email Emily Luken ( with questions or to set up an appointment.
  • Chat with a librarian online at
  • In person at the Main and Science Libraries and on the 3rd floor of the Miller Learning Center (SLC). 
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