PSYC 3980: Research Methods

Select a Database

I suggest starting with PsycINFO.  This vital psychology database allows for many special limiters, including:

  • Methodology - ex: empirical, clinical case study
  • Population group - ex: human, animal, male, female
  • Age group - ex: neonates, adolescents, adults

For more help with searching, contact your librarian.  Be sure to look at the APA Citation subject guide, as well as other helpful subject guides!

You can get a complete list of UGA Psychology Databases and related resources at

Books and Library Holdings

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If you haven't tried out the new version of GIL, you should.  Go to

GIL-Find new features:

  • Text to your phone book locations and call numbers
  • Narrow results more effectively by subject and location   
  • Save books to a Favorites list
  • Tag books with your own keywords
  • If they are available, Google Book Previews containing reviews display.
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