SOCI 3700: Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Abstracts
Covers primarily scholarly journal articles in criminal justice, as well as some magazines, reports, and trade publications.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts
Covers criminal justice with a variety of source types, including journals, books, government reports, research reports, and unpublished research.



Sociological Abstracts

Use these databases to find scholarly articles on sociological topics.

Multidisciplinary Databases

Search the library catalog and 90+ databases at the same time.
Find popular and scholarly articles on a variety of subjects.
Search across scholarly literature in multiple disciplines.
(Note: To connect to content the library provides for free, go to Scholar Preferences -> Library Links and search for UGA.)
Access to back issues (from the date of first publication) of selected, core journals. Primarily older articles (5+ years old), with some current holdings.
Full text archive of articles on literature and criticism, history, art, and social sciences.
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