RELI 1001: Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Cluck)

Your Assignment

For the Analytical Summaries assignment you are required to locate and summarize a peer-reviewed journal article on the religion you are currently studying from either of the following recommended resources:

A full text archive of back issues of core scholarly journals from across the disciplines (note: articles from the last 5 years are not accessible through JSTOR, so if you want current journal literature use Academic Search Complete). 

Academic Search Complete
A multidisciplinary database with articles from some peer-reviewed journals as well as monographs, reports, conference proceedings, news and popular magazines.  

IMPORTANT: Limiting to Peer-Reviewed Articles
For this assignment limit your search results to only peer-reviewed journals by checking the Scholarly (peer-reviewed) Journals box underneath the search box: 


Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly) Journals

Here is a short video describing the peer review process and how scholarly journals differ from popular magazines and newspapers.

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Research Help

  • Email Emily Luken ( with questions or to set up an appointment.
  • Chat with a librarian online at
  • In person at the Main and Science Libraries and on the 3rd floor of the Miller Learning Center (SLC). 

Citing with MLA

For this class you are required to use the MLA style of citation. Examples of how to cite various resources in the MLA style can be found through the OWL@Purdue.  Also, the UGA Library keeps Citation Style Guide web pages with examples of how to cite the most common types of resources using the most common styles (APA, Chicago, MLA, and more!).

Here is an example of how you would cite an article from Academic Search Complete:
Bass, Dorothy C. "Christian Formation In And For Sabbath Rest." Interpretation: A Journal Of Bible & Theology 59.1 (2005): 25-37. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Feb. 2012.

GALILEO Password

To access GALILEO@UGA from off campus, you will need the GALILEO password.

To get the password, log into your library account.  Enter your barcode, last name and PIN and click 'Login' to get into your account. (If you do not know your PIN number, you must fill in your barcode and last name and click on 'Get PIN'. The PIN number will be emailed to you at the UGA email address we have on file for you.)  When you are in your account, you will see the GALILEO password.

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