PSYC 4230: Psychology of the Workplace

Basics refresher (or intro)

Need an overview of psychology resources at UGA? You may use the class guide for the Research Methodology classes here.The following sections may be helpful.

  • The Strategy tab will explain Boolean searching -- using "and" & "or" to create searches.
  • The Peer-Review tab will define peer-review, show you the parts of a research article, and give you examples of articles that look like peer-review but aren't!
  • The Locations tab will list "what's where" for psychology materials in the UGA Libraries.

Meta-analysis and other terms

In PSYC 4230, you may need to find meta-analysis articles.

Meta-analysis is a form of statistical analysis applied to research results. You can think of this as a type of literature review, and therefore not itself primary research. It is usually considered a step in a systematic review; however, you will occasionally find systematic reviews with a disclaimer -- "We were unable to do a meta-analysis." This may be because of an error in the original research or issues with the variables.

Meta-analysis "summarizes data from individual studies that concern a specific research question."

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