Finding Tests and Measurements

Free vs Fee Tests: Which Do You Need?

The first step in finding a 'test' (e.g. survey, questionnaire, rating scale, etc.) is to decide whether you are able to pay for a commercial test instrument, or need to find free tests.


Commercially published tests are not free.  You need to buy a copy from the publisher and they usually require that you be a trained and registered professional.

Non-commercial tests are "free" in that they can sometimes be found in full text in books, journal articles or websites. They may be used in student papers or projects under two conditions:

  • You can use non-commercial tests in an academic paper so long as you cite it.
  • You can administer non-commercial tests but you must get author permission first.

If you know the name of a specific test you want but you don't know whether or not it's commercially published, search for it in Mental Measurements Yearbook, which indexes commercially published tests. Use the online version of MMY for tests published after 1989.  For earlier tests, use the print edition (Main Library or Curriculum Materials Library: Call # Z5814 .P8 R973.)

Last Update: 27 Jan 15:59