British Parliamentary Papers

Sessional Papers

Sessional papers include the following document types:
1. Public bills, arranged by title. (Private bills relating to local or personal legislation, e.g., divorce, are not part of the Sessional Papers.)
2. Reports of committees of Parliament, arranged alphabetically by subject or name of committee.
3. Reports of Royal Commissions and other groups doing research of interest to Parliament.
4. Accounts and papers (all publications not in the first three categories. Included are treaties, international agreements, financial and statistical reports, papers on defense, etc.).

Irish University Press (IUP) Series of British Parliamentary Papers (1800-1900).
Subbasement (J301 .R2).
Approximately 1,000 volumes containing a large selection of the most important papers from the nineteenth century. Arrangement is by topic rather than by year. Includes a few papers which are not in the Readex microprint set of British Sessional Papers.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. British Sessional Papers (1731-1978/79). Readex Corporation.
Subbasement, microprint area (MCP J301 .K61).
The most complete set of papers, corresponding to the original printed set. As the Libraries owns only a few of the original printed volumes, this microprint set is useful if the document cannot be found in the Irish University Press Series. A microprint reader is available on the floor where these documents are housed. There is currently no device for printing from microprint cards so users should be prepared to take notes!


Irish University Press. Checklist of British parliamentary papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series, 1801-1899.
Subbasement (J301 .R212).
This is usually the best index to use with the 1,000 volume IUP set. In some cases it may be necessary to use the Subject Catalogue to first identify a paper on your topic and then trace the paper's location in the IUP using the Checklist.

Cockton, Peter. Subject Catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1801-1900. Chadwyck-Healey.
Subbasement (DA530 .C620 1988).
This five volume set gives comprehensive listings by subject of the entire output of nineteenth century Parliamentary papers. The set covers bills, statistical series, and annual reports as well as policy documents. The session dates and volume numbers used in the index may be used to locate the paper in the Readex microprint set of British Sessional Papers.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Sessional Indexes, 1801-1978/79.
In: British Sessional Papers. Readex Corporation, Subbasement,  microprint area (MCP J301 .K61).
For the period 1801-1900 look in the microprint boxes labeled "Collection of Indexes General Annual 1801-1862" and "Collection of Indexes General Annual 1863-1900". A few years in the 19th century not collected in the two General Annual boxes are in the box labeled "Collection of Indexes 1696-1900".
For the period 1901-1978/79 the index is generally the last volume of each session's set of volumes. Some years the sessional index will be in the last volume of the section labelled Accounts and Papers. A decennial index covering 1950-1959 is in volume XXXIX of the session for 1962/63.


The sources of British Parliamentary papers listed on this page are highly selective.  A more extensive guide to UGA Libraries' holdings of British Parliamentary papers and other British documents is available at



Great Britain. Parliament. Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), 1803-1908.
Subbasement (Gt. Brit. 10-6/7 [Ser.1 through Ser.4]). Contains the debates of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Parliamentary Debates, 1909-present.
Subbasement (Gt. Brit. 10-6).

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Parliamentary Debates, 1909-present.
Subbasement (Gt. Brit. 10-7).

Great Britain. Parliament. Hansard - House of Commons and House of Lords Debates
House of Commons debates cover 1988/89 to present. House of Lords debates cover 1994 to present.

Indexes for Debates

1803-1829/30. General Index to the First and Second Series of Hansard's Parliamentary Debates...1803 to 1830.
Subbasement (J301 .H25 G4 1970z).

1830/31-present. Sessional Indexes. Index for each session located in or after last volume of the session. Indexing is by speaker and by subject. Hansard's is numbered by columns, not by pages. Pages for the oral debates and the pages for answers to written questions are numbered separately ("w" indicating a written answer).


The Journals present the official account of the proceedings of Parliament, including the records of motions passed, suspended, amended or withdrawn; the record of papers laid before each House; and lists of members appointed to committees, etc. Some years, main arguments of speeches given in Parliament are included. Journals are especially useful for the period prior to the 19th century when there were no official records of debates.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Journals of the House of Commons, vols. 1-113 (1547-1858/59).
Subbasement (J301 .K3).
Cumulative indexes are interfiled with the Journals. Cumulative indexes covering 1547 through 1890 are also available as part of the Readex British Sessional Papers.  Beginning with volume 30 of the Journals (1765) sessional indexes are also available, usually in the final volume of the session. Indexing of the Journals is also provided in Hansard's Catalogue of Parliamentary Reports...1696-1834, 2nd floor (J301 .R2 Index V.1).

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Journals, vols. 1-89 (1509-1857).
Subbasement (J301 .J3). Some volumes are missing (e.g., 31 & 32 covering 1764/5 - 1769/70)
This set includes one cumulative index covering volumes 20-35 (1714-79). A Calendar of Journals (J301 .J4) is shelved at the end of the set and contains a brief subject ("heads") index covering 1509-1857. In addition, each volume starting with volume 53 (1820) includes its own sessional index.

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