EndNote for Macs

Do you have a trial version?

If you downloaded a trial version of EndNote, you will need to go through these steps before downloading EndNote from the UGA Libraries site.

  • Duplicate your library and save it to a location not in the EndNote folder in Applications, such as your desktop or documents.
  • Delete the EndNote icon that is in your dock (if you created one).
  • Delete the EndNote folder from Applications
  • Download the new version of EndNote. If after being downloaded and set up it does not open your library, add the location of your library to the default settings. (If you want to move the location of the library do it before you set the default location. Try not to move the location after setting the default.)
  • Go under EndNote X6> Preferences

    Where are X6 for Mac Preferences

  • Set the location to your library.

Set default Library in EndNote

Have an older EndNote?

If you have an older version of EndNote on your machine already, you should back up your library before beginning the download of the new EndNote version. Create a duplicate .enlx library in a different location.

You should not have to delete the old version of EndNote. You may need to remove old dock icons from one version to the new one. If you have personalized Styles, contact an EndNote trainer for assistance in saving the Styles folder for the new version.

If for some reason, the new version of EndNote does not find your previous library, you can change your default library locations under preferences. Follow the same directions and screen shots as listed under the "Do you have the trial version?" module, above this section on this webpage.

Get the right web browser

Before you get download EndNote on a Mac, you will need to download the Firefox web browser. Use Firefox instead of Chrome or Safari, because the others have trouble exporting database results to your EndNote program. They will try to open the files as text. 

The first time you send references from a database to EndNote, you need to designate the program to open the files in Firefox . Follow the directions in the video below.

  • Firefox does not have to be your default browser.
  • You do not have to remove any other browsers, You can continue to use them for web surfing.
  • Check the "FixIt!" tab for information about problems and fixes for Firefox.

Prep your Mac before you download

  • Restart your Mac

Many Mac laptop users close their laptops to sleep and charge. There are some behind the scenes system processes that cannot work unless the Mac is restarted. So make sure you do this periodically.

  • Quit instead of Close

EndNote needs to install menu or toolbar function into your word processing program. Make sure that the word processing program is completely "Quit." Closing the work window does not stop the application from running in the background, preventing EndNote from installing its functions.

Potential Problems

  • Did you move your current word processing program from an older Mac?

Sometimes if you move programs from one machine to another, small bits may get left behind. If you've moved applications, it is a good idea to look for your original program discs -- just in case a reinstall of your word processig program is needed.

Now you can download

Download EndNote from this website http://www.libs.uga.edu/endnote/index.html 

The most recent version is X6, but you also need the X6.01 update patch that goes with it.Make sure you download and open both items, X6 first, X6.01 second.

You'll need your complete UGA barcode number. This includes the numbers before the 810.

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