Experian Simmons OneView Guide


Simmons Study of Media and Markets, Simmons OneView (formerly known as Simmons Choices 3) database contains data from the National Consumer Study on:

  • consumer demographics (age, gender, income, etc.)
  • consumer psychographics (behaviors, attitudes, etc.)
  • buying and media habits

Based on a survey of several thousand households, it can be used to create customized reports analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of product users and their media behavior. You can use this guide to learn about the Simmons program, how to search it, and how to interpret the results of your search.

When you finish using Simmons OneView please be sure to log out allowing another person to access and use Simmons OneView.

Simmons OneView User Guide by Experian Simmons

Video Tutorial by University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


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